A Gefen Scenery

Faigy Schwart; age 17

Sometimes based on infinite greenery

Or set upon a serene ocean

At times amid a factory’s hustle bustle motion

Stars jubilant creatures

Every one of their features

Emitting ultra-optimistic rays

Forever, ever, and always

And no one ever asks

Why amidst strenuous tasks

There isn’t a drop of sweat

On a single forehead

But, cheeks swelling with pride

Adorned with  smiles ever so wide

Because it is wide spread with clarity

Gefen’s got superiority!

With a Gefen pledge

To reach the very edge

To ensure nothing’s gone amiss

Intensive labor’s a state of bliss!

A Gefen worksite 

Is a source of pure delight

A meticulous, detail oriented, action  packed beehive

Where only the bestest of the best can survive

Not a singly smiley-eyed cutie

Is ever off duty

But who needs vacation

When work is merely a sensation?

A cursory look fails

To recognize all details

Ranging from major to minor

Resulting in purer and finer

Because more than meets the eye’s first glance

Are the thousand things than enhance

Every production step

Processed with pleasure and pep

And crafted with care

Aiming at the challenge with cheer

To reach the Gefen vision

Of 100 percent precision!

A Gefen masterpiece 

Travels across lands and seas

To attain utmost perfection 

And is a  exact reflection 

Of every illustration 

Loaded with animation

And overloaded with zest

To ensure the very best

And the very best it is indeed

Catering to the aristocrats that need

No compromise in taste

No purchase gone to waste

But the highest in quality 

The finest of reality

For customers who shop

Only the cream of the crop

Every detailed depiction

Explains the addiction

Of a consumer in any given mood

To a grand Gefen food!

Gefen Sweet Treat
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