A Town Full of Chocolatey Fun

By: Dina Bloch, Age 12

Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate some more,
If it’s from Gefen, it’s scrumptious for sure.

From a chocolate factory to amusement park rides
There are chocolate trains and chocolate slides.

Chocolate towers, chocolate mountains,
Chocolate mixers, chocolate fountains,
Chocolate trees, chocolate tunnels,
Chocolate bikes and chocolate funnels.

Weighing their special ingredients,
What do you think?

It takes time to put together,
Yet is consumed in a wink.

Chocolate liquid turns to chocolate bar
Loved by all from near and far

Have fun playing in this chocolate playground,
All chocolate delights in here are found

Cute little chocolate elves,
Dance upon chocolate shelves

Chocolate pipes and chocolate tracks,
Try Gefen’s chocolate snacks.

Chocolate beaters and chocolate gears,
Gefen gifts us the finest chocolate for many years.

Gefen Sweet Treat
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