By: M. Gordon, age 20+

Engineered exclusively for the elite.
On this royal rail the masses don’t cram,
Poised and polite, they settle into a suite.

The engine’s polished to a glimmering gleam,
Liberally lacquered a mahogany shade.
The sepia cushions ooze a contrasting cream,
Marbled moldings chiseled and custom made.

Of all those on board I silently take stock:
A few filthy rich friends relax in their rooms;
Beside me’s my buddy from down the block;
A chunky chap smokes cigars with fudgy fumes.

Chocolate triplets clad in camel colored coats;
Sweet schoolboys in uniform, looking like clones;
Slim, dark skinned teens study smudged science notes;
The Browns converse in heavily accented tones.

The service aboard, it rivals first class,
We dribble and drool over fudges and treats.
The delicate tinkle of flatware on glass,
Echoes through the silent, syrupy streets.

FIRST STOP the frosted screen flickers and glows,
We’re off to a far famed natural wonder.
Ahead we sight the CASCADING COCOAS,
The flawless falls ripple, roar and thunder.

The molten royal river runs, rich and deep,
Through viennese valleys of crunch capped mountains.
And dwarfed by the double dipped cliffs so steep,
Resplendent rows of regal chocolate fountains.

The swarthy skinned guide rapidly rambles on,
About the process of precipitation.
“… and when the water’s completely gone,
Behold! A natural chocolate creation!”

To the tram we slowly trickle back,
En route to destination number two.
We chug along chunks of flat foil track,
Accompanied by the Chocoholic crew.

We indulge and imagine the next attraction,
Some understated melt-in-mouth fun.
At last, the whirling wheels halt their traction,
And towards TRUFFLE LAND we race as one.

We carelessly careen on the CARAMEL COASTER,
A glob of gloppy goop secures us to the seat.
We tussle and tumble about the NUTTY ROASTER,
Where balls pelt our heads amidst sweltering heat.

We get whammed and slammed by the BITTERSWEET BEATER;
Down the premiere’ pipe we slither and slide;
Emerge musty and dusty from the filthy FUDGE THEATER;
And swerve and swivel down the spiraled SUPER GLIDE.

The NOUGAT SHIP sparkles, its stern studded with jewels,
We carefully clamber aboard and salute.
Then dock at the pier of PERILOUS PRALINE POOLS,
To persecute pirates who seek luster and loot.

Up the rocky road the CREEPY CASTLE looms,
Broken bars garnish the bare ganache grounds.
Muddy waters swish and swamp the once rich rooms,
And dirty the chipped and ancient crowns.

A brittle cackle; then a muffled shout,
From the dark depths of the chambers of old.
My spine tingles, I search for a way out,
Of this murky maze of ambers and gold.

My eyes are glazed, my chocolate curls sweaty,
From all the frivolous fun and frolic.
I leave the park, my gait unsteady,
As that of an overdosed chocoholic.

A sudden wind gust whips and rattles the trees,
The cocoa puffed clouds start to drizzle and drip.
Chocolate leaves flutter and flap in the breeze,
A sugar sweet coating to a wonderful trip!

I’m ravaged by hunger, we’ve traveled oh, so far,
I rummage through my rucksack in search of a snack.
And instinctively reach for a GENEVE’ CHOCOLATE BAR,
I salivate and savor it all the way back!

Gefen Sweet Treat
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