An Overflowing Pantry Stocked by Gefen Elves!

Illustration & Poem By: M. Friedman, Age 20+

A poem about Gefen Products, illustrated it with some of the Gefen "elves". Can you find them all?

If I need to cook, or I need to bake,
No matter what type of dish I Must make,

The products of those Gefen elves
Adorn all my pantry shelves!

If my kids beg me, "Make peanut chews. please"
Corn syrup. sugar & peanut butter- I've got all of these!

I Should create some schnitzel- is that what you wish?
I have cornflake or breadcrumbs to produce this special dish.

I possess a choice of oils with which I can fry-
Canola, cottonseed, and olive oil-Oh my!

If a pasta supper, I desire to have ready
I Can choose elbows, ziti, shells, or spaghetti

Ketchup, sauce, and paste- all made from Gefen tomatoes,
Or l can create a side dish with instant mashed potatoes.

I can make a sandwich with tuna or salmon from a can.
Or form them into patties, and fry them in a pan.

For dessert I have peach halves, or pineapple slices,
Or Gefen ice pops, if I'm in the mood for ices.

With frozen whipped topping, I can whip up some ice cream,
And top it with chocolate chips or syrup- if dream.

I can add coconut chips or sprinkles, so as to set the tone.
And serve all those scoops in a handy ice cream cone

I've got instant dry yeast, if challah I wish to bake,
And cocoa and baking powder, for a yummy chocolate cake.

For Rosh Hashanah simanim- I have a package of cooked beets,
And in little honey bears, I have honey that's real sweet!

Gefen makes honey cake and marble cake in packages, too-
And for Pesach or those allergic, they have gluten free for you!

There's milk made of coconut, almond, soy, or rice
They have chestnuts already roasted- that's truly nice.

For my Shabbos seuda, I can invite Cousin Charley,
But my cholent won't be the same, without Gefen beans and barley!

If you want to bake a pie- it is really thrilling,
To have a choice of apple, cherry, or blueberry filling.

If you want to prepare a roast to impress your boss.
You can marinate it with BBQ, cranberry, or duck sauce.

Sautéed onions or chopped garlic may tempt his appetite,
Or a hint of dill or mustard, in each savory bite…

You can use wonton wrappers, or make egg rolls like a pro.
Or encase mushrooms in squares of puff pastry dough.

You can present it with gherkins or cucumbers in brine,
Or boil up egg noodles for a kugel so divine!

If I want it kept simple, I can serve couscous or fries,
Or cook orzo with peas and carrots- that's healthy and wise!

To concoct a salad to keep my kids happy and calm,
I can squirt vinegar or lemon juice onto some hearts of palm.

I can serve a split pea soup with mini croutons for fun.
Or take along instant noodle soup, when I'm on the run!

I can send granola bars or wafers for my son's snack
And stick in a juice box drink into my child's backpack.

I can crush olives with mayo for a unique dip.
Or take mini applesauce cups on a family trip.

For a special breakfast, I can use pancake batter.
Top waffles with maple syrup & heap them on a platter.

And after dining on all these meals so delicious,
I can use Gefen dish detergent to wash all my dishes!

I'm sure l left out something, there are Gefen products galore,
I could always go back and search the grocery store!

From all the food I've listed- I'm sure you understand,
That for those with “Higher Standards” there's always Gefen brand.

Gefen Sweet Treat
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