Chocolate Factory

By: F.M., Age 13

Inspired by: A Gefen Original Illustration

Splash! From basin to container,
the silky liquid efficiently does pour,
It never ceases this desirable molten fluid
from coming even more!

An average day in the exceedingly eventful
and busy factory,
Working to acquire impeccable nourishments
for the entire family!

Roast the beans, throng them fine,
combine with heaps of sugar too,
Generate enticing chocolate,
okay, that was your cue!

The beaters unite these enchanting elements,
and create such an appealing combination
The to-be chocolate gets even further attractive
as it passes through each vital station.

The matchless sound of this most astounding
and overwhelming, noisy place,
Beaters combining, chocolate flowing gracefully,
pastes a smile on my face!

Down the pipes it smoothly runs,
the velvety, chocolate drink,
Up the wall and into the distinctive
chocolate-only sink!

Construct the countless bars of such tempting chocolate;
erect it with a bow,
This is one aspect of a factory
that inevitably warrants a "Wow!"

Obtain a bar of chocolate;
now tenderly break a piece off,
Pop it in your anticipating mouth,
understand, oh how soft!

After an instant, the delectable chocolate
begins to dissipate
The alluring chocolate renders you
to want an entire plate!

A few jiffies later, now it has vanished
the entire bar,
All 10 pieces are consumed,
just as they are.

It's not merely chocolate,
that is so contenting to me,
It's countless others,
so desirable, you see.

And every sustenance that emanates
from this factory so efficient and great,
Is consequentially faultless,
it's unquestionably top rate!

So many other terrific creations,
like five hundred and ten
All originates from a factory
known as Gefen.

Gefen Sweet Treat
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