Chocolate Schemes

By: Rachel Friedlander, Age 20+

Deep in the sub-terrain
Hidden in valleys still
Whispers of promise echo
And dreams of chocolate thrill

Through winding paths traversed
By majestic forests flanked
At the entrance to that luscious kingdom
Lie food gourmands encamped

Watching, with searching eyes
And fluttery, desperate breath
Wondering, pondering the mysteries
Of that chocolatey, gooey wealth

Spying on the journey of
Cocoa beans disappearing within
As Gefen elves, other ambitions shelved
Work their magic in that hushed din

Hearing the cacophony of machinery
The cranking and turning of levers
The oozing and flowing of chocolate lava
The premise of glistening, molten endeavors

Hungrily sniffing the moist, warm fragrance
Of humble seeds’ potential fulfilled
In the depths of vats, through twisting pipes
Their velvety goodness distilled

Oh, the pouring ceremony that follows!
The endless chocolate flow rushing!
And spilling, spilling gently over
As the chocolate streams go gushing

Constrained by molds physically
Their flavor bursts forth with glee
Satisfying that endless craving awhile
But never its wondrous mystery

And in chocolate kingdoms below
And above, in mere humans’ abodes
The allure of that glorious confection
Never diminishes or erodes

Together, those gourmands pledge
Allegiance to the Gefen brand
In humble deference to quality and taste
Hands over heart, they stand

Gefen Sweet Treat
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