Dear Gefen

By: Rivky Weiss, Age 15 

Dear Gefen,
Or to whomever this may concern,
I have something to tell you
Which I cannot spurn.

There's something that's been irking me
Since I saw your ad,
Announcing that there's a contest,
Using pen and pad!

Now, what can possibly annoy me
About a contest for all ages?
Toddlers, Bubbies, teenagers
For all different kinds of stages!

A worldwide competition
In literature and art,
For everyone and anyone
Near or far apart!

An innovative idea, an awesome plan,
Something so exciting!
And the prize of 250 bucks
Is likewise too delighting!

But that's exactly what unnerves me,
And please do hear me out,
A prize of 250 dollars
Now what's that all about?!

Do you want to know what a kid would do
With such kind of money?
He'll go out and buy some plastic toys
Or even a white bunny!

Now you must be exasperated
Thinking 'what's so bad,
If a kid goes out and buys a pet
Or even the latest fad?!'

I'll tell you why I think it vain,
And quite a foolish deed,
And now here is the punchline,
So please sir do take heed!

"Kol Yisrael Areivim!"
We have a responsibility!
To help a Yid in need
To the best of our ability!

That's why we have RCCS,
Tomchei Shabbos, Bikur Cholim,
Chai Lifeline, A Time, Banish,
And Bonei Olam!

There are so many organizations
All I cannot list,
But now I'd like to proclaim
That Gefen I enlist!

To join me on my mission
That will begin right now!
And this is my answer
If you'll ask me how?

To make this humble poem of mine
Be the one to win,
So that with a nominal sum of 250 dollars
Our campaign will begin!

So kind Sir Reginald Gold
The third,
Please do assure me
That I have your word,

That together me and Gefen
Will launch our campaign,
To help Klal Yisrael
And EVERYONE will gain!

Gefen Sweet Treat
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