Fly With Me To Gefenland

By: Ahuva Jacobovitz, Age 13

I think I ought to tell you,
About a brand that takes the cake,
It’s Gefen and its super crew,
and every move they make.

They’re standards are way higher,
I’m sure you’ll all agree,
After all, I’m not a liar,
Come tour the factory and you’ll see.

I cannot even describe to you,
The sight, the taste, the smell,
Yes, I’m sure you’ll want to come too,
So c’mon and ring the bell.

The sweet aroma will draw you in,
The Chocomotive will chug by,
You’ll hop on board at Cocoa Station,
And off to Gefenland you’ll fly.

The Gefeneers will wave you through,
The cocoa beans will jiggle,
The scrumptious milk will coo,
And they’ll all just make you giggle.

Oh yes, my friend, you will agree,
This place is one of a kind,
So why not come along with me,
And let Gefen blow your mind!

Gefen Sweet Treat
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