By T.N. age 16

Ads, ads, ads,
They are so many
but only one
do we look at for a tad
the Gefen one - it is
how did u guess!
The graphics and characters
Are so much fun
It is like viewing a story
Curled up in a little nook
You just can’t but stop
To take a look,
The crafters
And farmers
And chocolate makers too
They all make the delicious foods
With love just for you!
What would we do without Gefen
Who cater to all
“Those with higher standards”
And just regular people too!
All types can enjoy
Their products
Of all sorts
Day in and day out
No matter where or when
In summer, spring, or winter
You are there to provide
With the best quality goods.
So thank you to all
The amazing Gefen farmers
And crafters,
I don’t know what we would do
without you!

Gefen Sweet Treat
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