By Y. L. K. Age 20

Did you ever ponder,
Upon this equation
Have you come to wonder,
Over such an occasion

Has happened such,
That at a corner, one didn’t verge
For there was much,
At the corner that emerged

The corner is actually,
Not at a road or street
Since it's factually,
A snack simply for you to eat

Has gotten flavor,
Likewise is hard to find
A crisp you’ll greatly savor,
More than any of its kind

Has made it to the top of the line,
By the many folks been cherished
With its quality so fine,
It is forever to be relished

So tasteful,
Is its essence
I’m so grateful,
For its existence

Gefen PopCorners that is,
You can linger at the corner, in fact
since you’ll find pleasure and bliss,
With the discovery of your favorite snack

Gefen Sweet Treat
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