Go For The Gold

By: C. Roth, Age 20+, Monsey

In a nearby village,
Where the cocoa bean grows,
And the wind smells sugary sweet when it blows,
And farmers hum among the rows,
Is the street of the Gefen Choclory.

And deep into the street, people will say,
If you follow your nose, you can smell it each day,
Where the chocolate is made,
And the smell will not fade,
Unless you fly miles and miles away.

How can we get to the factory?
And how are Gefen chocolates made?
What are the tricks of the trade,
We want to know,
Because our family’s favorite it stayed.
We need not persuade.

Sir Reginald J. Gold lives there, they say.
Let’s ask him, if we may.
He’ll tell us about the wheres and the hows and the whys of the scent.

Sir Reginald takes us right there,
A grand tour about chocolate to hear,
…and smell,
…and taste,
…and feel,
Real, brown, heavenly smear
A production of magic never seen before.

Way back in the days, when Sir Reginald was young,
And curious,
And brave,
He arrived one morning to a fantastical place,
Where cocoa beans were growing in every single space,
Smooth and glistening from the early morn dew,
Young Reginald sorted and picked a select few.

He clutched them close to his heart and,
Sifted away some soil and sand,
Listening closely to his brain as he planned,
He was surely striving for a quality brand.

He ground them and mixed them,
And let it be known,
That something was becoming from the seed that had grown.

Gefen chocolate became a magical thing,
Bringing cheers, smiles, a tune for all to sing,
Mending hearts, uniting souls,
So Sir Reginald told,
Majestic and regal; he’d bring it to the king.

The smell was rich,
Sweet was its taste
He wrapped it, and packed it,
And sent it off in a haste.

And now, Sir Reginald whispers a whisper in my ear,
He’d like to reveal the secret of the bean,
He wants to tell us the story, if we’d hear,
Of the Geneve Chocolate Bar, and what happens there.

He tells us about the bean,
And the quality he uses,
How he goes for the gold,
Through the love he infuses.

How he fills them with cream and joy,
And prepares each one with care,
As they get shipped to our town,
For us to enjoy and share.

Gefen Sweet Treat
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