My Dream

By: Mindy Krausz, Age 12

“Ma” I scream.

“Its already 12:00. Go to sleep."

“Kay” I answered. I was already half asleep anyway. But I wanted to ask her for an idea for the Gefen contest. Too bad I would just have to wait till tomorrow.

I stared at the advertisement. My eyes slowly closed as I drifted into another world.

In this new world I was one of the workers by the chocolate factory. I looked exactly like a worker just with a hazmat suit and mask.

I was the one on the pack of sugar.

All of a sudden the crane dropped me and the sugar into the mixing bowl. I didn’t care getting dirty cause it was very fun.

One bowl into the next I went until I got into the pipe. The chocolate pipe was the most fun chocolate slide I (n)ever went into.

Afterward I went into the mold and the drying rack. It didn’t even go a quarter as fast as a roller coaster.

I quickly jumped out before it got packaged. And I still watched it get packaged.

You know when you never get to see the best part of your dreams? Well that happened to me. And it’s not as good to try to daydream the rest of your dream.

When I woke up at least my peanut butter sandwich was ready with Gefen peanut butter.

Guess what was for dessert after supper? Gefen chocolate chips, just kidding.

Gefen Sweet Treat
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