The Quest for the Best

By: Perel Potash, Age 12

Attention all my beloved chocolates
From the white & dark to the bittersweet
You’ve earned a special something
The secret ingredient, what a treat!

The great Sir Reginald of Cacao
In town for the Cocoa Convention
In pursuit of exclusive fine chocolate
He’s here for a grand inspection

Iron your wrappers
It’s time to impress
Straighten your labels
The best for the best

Sir Reginald is arriving
I know you will be great
Please don’t panic, don’t fret
His Excellency is at the gate

Oh, Hello Sir Reginald
May I ask how you do?
We have fine chocolates
Don’t hesitate, try a few

Please pick me whispered the first
The second one cried no pick me!
The third one screamed I’m the best
I’m the best bar in the whole factory!

Don’t worry, please don’t fret
I’ll have a bite of you each
I’ll taste each and every one
The white, dark and bittersweet

Sir Reginald smacked his lips
And carefully opened each one
Ta da! He devoured them all
Oy vey, no more left, all done

In all my life, Sir Reginald crowed
I've never tasted anything like that
Everything was all melty in my mouth
This company’s where the party’s at

Your wrappers perfectly ironed
Your labels perfectly straight
I shall buy this unique factory
Amazing cocoa, amazing rate.

In case you were wondering in suspense
What the name of this unique company is
You don't have to be smarty pants to know
It’s Gefen of course, was that a hard quiz?

Gefen Sweet Treat
factory@gefengold.com1-833-GO GEFEN (464-3336)Terms and conditions apply.
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