To Be A Prisoner

By: Mushka Rivkin, age 17, Los Angeles CA

What does it mean to be a prisoner to society
To be afraid to break through the shackles of social norms
To fly to the Caymen islands to take some insta worthy pictures
You could’ve found on google images
To buy Birkenstock’s for an eight year old who will outgrow them by May
To get the iPhone 11 with AirPod pros
Because society says you must

What does it mean to be a prisoner to your heart
To be a child in an adult body
To fall prey to the lion who pretends to have your best interests in mind
And make choices that your soul will later cry because of
To be bound by the laws of will and desire
To be a host to a flock of geese called whim
With no other choice but to be cowed into submission
Because your heart says you must

What does it mean to be a prisoner to a higher Being
A calling a light a purpose
To live your life according to rules set out
By an ancient tradition
To have a growth oriented aliveness
To face challenges headstrong
Because there’s always truth to fall back on
Truth so clearly displayed in a book
Written by a G-d who knows all and does good

What does it mean to be a prisoner to the Torah?

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